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Author: SteveJohnas

Bitcoin Gold Fork

Bitcoin gold hard fork is happening to allow minus 2 months to allow minors to mine Bitcoin gold on the CPU and the computer rather than dedicated mining rigs in the past the dedicated mining rigs have become increasingly more powerful and better at mining Bitcoin and this has meant that small time Miners can no longer compete with the large Bitcoin factories in China and elsewhere in the world. This will mean a change from the previous proof-of-work algorithm SHA-256, over to a new hashing algorithm called Equihash. This is used by several other cryptocurrencies like Etherium, zCash,...

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When To Invest In Bitcoin

Investing in cryptocurrency, in its simplest form, is the buying of a currency at a price and selling it at some time in the future at a higher price. The difference being your profit. The buying and selling of these cryptocurrencies is your market.   As with any market, the forces of supply and demand dictate the price paid at any given time, which gives rise to the idea of market timing. You buy when something is plentiful, or even unpopular ensuring market price is low and sell at a later date when market conditions change and the price...

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Cryptocurrency Trading Tips

Cryptocurrency Trading Tips Ignore the Hype The first thing you need to do to trade well and make money is not to follow all of the hype. I know some people may say to this that if you don’t listen to the market you won’t hear when things change and what coins to put your market in. This is only part of the truth though. Trading in low markets where there is little action is your goal. Trade when it is quiet and low and sell when the market it hot and high. If you find yourself buying in...

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Ultimate guide to bitcoin trading and altcoin trading

Ultimate guide to bitcoin trading and altcoin trading Understanding Cryptocurrencies The first thing you need to understand is the basic idea of what cryptocurrencies are and how they work. Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are mostly unregulated, except for some. This means they have no central governments or organisations governing them. This means no one to police fraud or regulate the currency this is all handled by the technology. The block chain is maintained by the users on the network that log and update the ledger with transactions taking place around the world. Some users decide to keep complete copies of all the transactions and record them for the...

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Bitcoin Technology

Description Bitcoin is the oldest cryptocurrency in circulation with the longest block chain, it is the most popular and has the biggest market capitalization. The coin is loosely refered to by the community as the “gold” of the cryptocurrency world. Date Of Creation: Blockchain started with its first transaction on 3rd January 2009. Opening price: 1 BTC = 0.000764 USD (1309.03 BTC = 1 USD) Starting Investors: Unknown Central control or Governing Body: None Creator: Satoshi Nakamoto Features/Point of Difference: First Cryptocurrency to be created and released to the public Wallet Support: All Exchange Support: All Market Info Market...

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