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About Bitcoin

Bitcoin was the fist cryptocurrency to be created. It is built on the a technology of a digital ledger known as blockchain. It is a decentralised currency where the processing of transactions is done by miners, users of the platform that process transactions for the oportunity to win some of the currency for their effort. This system is known as a ‘proof of work’ blockchain. Bitcoins can be divided down to their smaller units known as Satoshi, each one is worth 1/100 000 000th of a Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Technical Analysis


Following the second surge in the Bitcoin price torards the middle of 2019 then followed by a decline towards the end of the year. Bitcoin is now in a steady up trend and we have given it an accumulate signal. We forsee a strong but somewhat slower and more steady bull market for bitcin in the start of 2020.

Bitcoin (BTC)
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$ 7,180.33
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