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About Etherium

Etherium is a an open source computing system based on blockchain. As a distributed, open source system that supports smart contracts it works in a very different way to bitcoin. Etherium relies on a proof of stake system and its mebedded cryptocurrency system is called Ether. As it is a distributed computing system it has the ability to have SmartContracts and Distributed Applications run on it. This allows Etherium to be the base for a large number of tokens that run on the existing Etherium blockchain.

Etherium Technical Analysis


Etherium is a major player in the cryptocurrency market but still follows the general larger trend set by Bitcoin. Therefore for medium to long term investments at the start of 2020 we have an accumulate signal for this cryptocurrency. There appears to be a steady bull run that has been continuing since the beginning of 2020.

Ethereum (ETH)
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